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Becoming The Total Package: Choose The Love You Deserve For the Life You Want

by Aviva Reimer


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What does Becoming The Total Package actually mean?

It means different things to different people. When it comes to our preferences in looks, personality, and character – we all have our unique way of seeing the world. However, challenges in life and heartbreak inevitably affect all of us in different ways. We may not always be emotionally or mentally equipped to deal with them, which is why we sometimes need a helping hand. The best way for you to overcome these challenges and to get everything you want out of life is to optimize every aspect of your life.

Whether you have been repeating negative patterns, dealing with a bad break-up, divorce, poor decisions, attracting the wrong people, dealing with low self-esteem or even just feeling lost - this book is for you. Becoming The Total Package will help you improve every aspect of your life for the better. It will guide you and transform you into a stronger, more confident version of yourself. You have the ultimate power to choose the love you deserve for the life you want.

Becoming The Total Package is the culmination of decades of intimate and life-changing experiences achieved through Aviva Reimer’s philosophy in personal transformation, personal development, and her highly regarded and renowned matchmaking techniques.

Becoming The Total Package will show you:

The exact nature of the world and how it affects us in ways you may have never realized.
How people relate to each other and the significance of this.
How to avoid the same situational traps that you have repeatedly experienced.
How to restructure your perspective and expectations to live the life you want with integrity.
How to define your principles with a definite commitment to follow through
How your environment affects and supports your energy and mood and the easy steps that you must take to change it for the better.
How to declutter and optimize every single aspect of your life, including friendships and relationships.
How to ensure you’re always energized, respected and most importantly LOVED by those around you.
How to reinvent yourself to look and feel your very best so that you shine like a light that everyone will notice.
How to pre-qualify your potential partners when dating and immediately establish which qualities you want in a person.
The complex Do’s and Don’ts on dating more efficiently and happily.
Becoming The Total Package is an easy-to-follow, and an inspirational guide told in Aviva’s unique voice. It is your key to bouncing back from negative challenges and heartbreaks. Becoming The Total Package is you and your partner’s guide to achieving and living your absolute best life.

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