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Captain Glow: A Realistic Adventure Tale About Clean Energies

by S.J. Flann


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A TEACHERS GUIDE, which includes a printable PDF version, is on the website. Audiobook is excellent. #1 International Bestseller in EIGHT Categories: Teen & Young Adult Experiments & Projects, Teen & Young Adult Earth Sciences and more. This young adult fiction combines danger with realism and science.

They didn’t know how dangerous advanced clean energy systems could be until the attacks happened.

Bravery is key as high school students scramble to help a mysterious man protect clean energy systems from a vicious saboteur. Follow the adventures of Will, Audrey, Darius, Margaret, and TR as they face off against kidnappings, an explosion, and even murder. The team must channel knowledge and ability into detective work. The increasing mystery leads them to a large zoo––then to their high school, and then from a university’s electric vehicle lab to a wind farm, where Will and his friends––and the mysterious Captain Glow––race to protect the newly engineered systems from destruction.

For you listeners, the audiobook is awesome!

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