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Sought After Speakers: Behind the Stage Stories

by Holly Porter,Paul Finck


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You are about to enter the world of fifteen motivated public
speakers. This compilation is a gathering of people from
diverse niche markets. Speakers qualified to participate in this
anthology by demonstrating that they have established a
proven track record as a public speaker. Each chapter
represents the expert’s response to a list of questions
prepared and provided by Holly Porter, CEO of Prosperity

There is such a diverse group of speakers in this book.
Each has a powerful message within them and exhibits their
expertise. There is humor, humility, and skill with what they
know. The passion and integrity that shines through each of
these authors are amazing.

You’ll read the expert’s experiences developing and delivering
their signature talk. The speakers share their highs and lows
of the public speaking arena. Each speaker shares her or his
personal journey from the original step-onto-stage talk, to
the polished sought-after speaker who speaks as a career.
As you explore the contents you’ll discover that the speaker is
an expert on a journey filled with emotions. An expert has to
deliver knowledge and expertise that captures the audience’s
attention, yet deliver a speech with conviction and emotion.

The audience is brought to an elevated awareness of their
potential. The engaged audience is now ready to take action!
Some of you may struggle to find stages and to deliver your
message. Some of you may be looking for ideas, wisdom, and
influence from those who have been on many stages. Some
of you may want to see what Sought after speakers are doing!

If you’re looking for speakers, this is a good place to start.

Each author has answered the same questions throughout the
book and shared with you their experiences, stories,
techniques, and strategies. As a bonus, each speaker has
shared three must-read books.

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