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Resilience Learned: Healing My Wounds To Finding My Wings

by Menaca Pothalingam


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Resilience Learned is a memoir: a saga of how a woman who rose like a phoenix from the ashes, after the decimating war within and around her brought her down to her knees. It is the story of her suffering and debilitating angst. But Life showed her that we are all stronger than our circumstances; we are stronger than our fears. The narration of her story shows you that you can emerge from adversity and the challenges you face with courage, hope and healing to live a full and meaningful life.Throughout her saga, Menaca narrates how hardship and war demolished all she knew. Caught in a war in Sri Lanka, as a child and a young woman, Menaca learned that one can heal and move forward only with loving support and encouragement. More importantly, she learned how to access her resilience through acceptance and forgiveness.Only compassion, empathy and humanity can heal the mistrust deeply imprinted on the victims of politics, betrayal and brutality. The scars inflicted by decades of bloody and brutal wars take a lifetime to heal from and come to terms with. Menaca shares how healing your wounds is not only possible but essential to creating the transformation you desire when you feel broken after years of struggling with adversity and grief.Resilience Learned is a heart-warming and inspiring story of a woman who did not give up. The book advocates embracing forgiveness and accessing the power of belief. It also demonstrates how taking practical steps can change your life for the better. The takeaway from Menaca’s story is that by being proactive you can reach your full potential and elevate your life to one of fulfilment.
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