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Good Men Great Thoughts: A Daily Devotional

by The Brothers of SAM Group


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When ten men with a spiritual longing and a desire to connect with other like-minded souls, meet to discuss their wish to be part of an association that is extraordinary, little did they know they’d create a group that would transform their lives and continues to do so ten years later. What they assembled was not your stereotypical Bible study class. They created a unique group to live adventurously, grow in their faith and become better men. Meeting each Saturday morning, they gave themselves the name “SAM Group”. They work hard, play hard and pray hard. You’ll read about the story of the SAM brothers and get to know a bit about each of them within these pages as they commemorate the 10th anniversary of their special group. Great people think great thoughts. Do your thoughts lead you to God’s best version of you, or away from it? In this book, you’ll discover the great thoughts - organized in a daily devotional - the SAM Group brothers have shared with one another. They pray these great thoughts will bless and lead you to the person God intends you to be. 100% of the royalties from the proceeds of this book are donated to SAM Group supported charitable causes
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