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The Seven Secrets of a Stress Free Life

by Randal Johnson


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Eliminate Stress Permanently and Effortlessly! The Seven Secrets contained in these pages embody a unique paradigm. In this book, you will learn that you don’t need to change your external circumstances to eliminate your stress. Because stress is created in the mind, the solution to stress is also found in the mind. What does this mean for you? ●No dieting! ●No exercising! ●No meditation! ●No goal setting! ●No more doing the things that cause MORE stress! As you learn and adopt the Seven Secrets, your stress will begin to dissolve without any effort on your part. Your journey through the Seven Secrets will build hope and confidence that a new day is dawning in your life. With a mind free of stress, you will discover your true self—a self you love and want to be.
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