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Launchpad 2020: The Art And [Rocket] Science Of Breakthroughs And Possibilities

by Dawn Meyer


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This journal is an adventure in Possibilities. It helps you discover the art of possibilities as well as the science of it as you journey through Dawn’s Possibility Principles. Possibility Principles are a group of concepts Dawn uses to assist people to get in touch with what they truly desire in their lives and then to create a roadmap for getting there. This book covers 7 of the Possibility Principles: 1. Courage to Create 2. Breakdown to Breakthrough 3. The Fixer Upper 4. Dare to be Happy 5. Give Yourself Permission 6. Have Gratitude 7. Go For It! Each Principle has activities associated with the principle itself to help you experience that principle and shift your energy and your life to clear out what isn’t working and move you into alignment with what you’d like your life to be. It’s time to blastoff into your possibilities and your bright future!
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