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Cracking the Rich Code Vol 2: Powerful entrepreneurial strategies and insights from a diverse lineup up coauthors from around the world

by Jim Britt,Kevin Harrington

ASIN: B083Z372PW

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This book offers powerful thought-provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories and strategies from a diverse lineup of 20 coauthors from around the world. Chances are this book contains exactly what you need to excel your business into the top 5% in your category worldwide. Created by top peak-performance expert Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show Shark Tank and 20 empowering entrepreneurs and their stories: Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, Joel Allie T. Mallad, Mark Parsekian, Kim Erwin, Dr. Thomas S. Heemstra, Marty Daniel, Robert Proctor, Jeffrey K. Mack, David Volpe, Elaine Lien, Lisa McDonald, Phil R Mills, Hallie Bigliardi, Sonia Novick, Gary Goodspeed, Bennie McWilliams, JaNelle Garner, Mariana Light, Danny Kerridge, Ed Keener, Ryan Renick
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