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Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being Stop.Breathe.Think.Choose.

by Cami Smalley


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Stop | Breathe | Think | Choose “I’m busy” is no longer just an exasperation. It is an addiction. People are increasingly uncomfortable with stillness, and the incessant engagement with the outer world fractures our connection to our own inner awareness. Cami affirms that living into the power of the pause supports your efforts to stop the relentless pace and intensity of life, breathe your way to inner stability and peace, think about your self-care and growth process, and choose to engage in life aligned with meaning and purpose. The Mindful Pause process interrupts the autopilot pattern that often accompanies busy and complex lives. If you’re exhausted and overextended, enduring a personal crisis or life transition, this book may be the perfect remedy for relief and show a new path forward that is filled with clarity and peace. Warning: If you burn the wick at both ends and feel deeply satisfied, resilient, and convinced that rest is only for the faint of heart, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Life has a way of bringing most everyone to a crisis experience that requires the skills in this book not only to survive but to thrive in the midst of change or adversity. Mindful Pause is a self-care strategy for those ready to elevate their personal and professional performance. It is also a remedy that provides immediate relief for those experiencing dissatisfaction with life, work, or relationships. The book’s four sections follow the simple steps of a Mindful Pause: Stop, Breathe, Think, Choose. Each section introduces you to wellness strategies that increase your self-awareness, grow your resilience, and train self-regulation that leads to personal growth and transformation. Self-care is NEVER a selfish act. In a culture defined by productivity, speed, and service to others, self-care is essential for sustainability and peak performance. Neglecting self-care, we fall far short of our potential to excel personally and professionally. Self-care requires skill-building around self-reflection, self-regulation, and alignment with purpose.
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