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Emotional Intelligence: 4 Books in one: Emotional Intelligence for Leadership, Emotional Intelligence Business, Mental Toughness and Mental Models. Manage People, Problem Solving, Decision Making.

by Travis Goleman


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If you want to know how to use emotional intelligence to live a happy life and fulfilled, then keep reading how this collection of books will help you improve every area of your emotional, personal, and relationship growth. This Book includes : 1) EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR LEADERSHIP The concept of emotional intelligence is fairly new. However, it is proven that Intellectual Quotient (IQ) is not enough to determine the intelligence of an individual. If it measures a person's knowledge, it says nothing about his open-mindedness or his ability to work in a team. Inside you will discover: The control of one's emotions and impulses How to improve your leadership skills and discover the secrets behind a successful leader How to develop better emotional intelligence The inspiration and influence of others The development of emotions and the management of conflicts 2) EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE BUSINESS Business is primarily a relationship between people. Success largely depends on what kind of emotional atmosphere you manage to create. We dare to say, and with proof, that emotions are a unique, completely free resource, the competent use of which is capable of “moving mountains.” Inside you will discover: •    The secret to building deep, genuine relationships •    How you can attain the best results from your team by becoming more emotionally intelligent •    How to connect naturally with others in a more productive way •    How to manage toxic and stressful work environments 3) MENTAL TOUGHNESS Being too negative or positive can both be detrimental, so what exactly does it mean by having a proper balance? All of that will be addressed in this book and you will learn the true meaning of mental toughness. Inside you will discover: How to deal with the crisis even though the situations are not in your favor How to develop resiliency Ways to reduce your overall level of stress by handing problems with a stronger mindset Improving your levels of self-confidence Increase your productivity in all spheres of life 4) MENTAL MODELS Then, this is the book that you need in your life because here you will learn all the tricks and tips of super thinking and how you can implement several mental models in your life to achieve all those goals you have on your vision board. A mental model is nothing but a simpler version of a complex problem and that is exactly what will help you make the right decisions in your life. Inside you will discover: Get a basic idea about what mental models are in general Changing your existing thought patterns and making space for new thoughts Analyzing your existing assumptions to detect their viability Mental models that will develop a growth mindset and increase your problem-solving skills You will thank yourself later for choosing to read this book. Scroll up to the top of the page and click the "Buy Now" button. Your key to bouncing back from adversity is one click away.
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