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The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution: How to Take any Situation from Breakdown to Breakthrough in 8 Simple Steps using "The POSITIVE Approach"

by Melinda Stallings


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"I just didn't KNOW HOW to address conflict. No one ever sat me down and instructed me on how to resolve conflict. I was relying on trial and error and error seemed to be winning. As a leader, I was frustrated that my managers were feeling ineffective but were reluctant to say so. We had teams with dysfunctional communication, office situations of disengagement due to employee conflicts and we were losing our best and brightest people to unresolved conflict. And then, in conjunction with hearing Melinda speak at conference, I received her book "The Power of Postivite Conflict Resolution" and it totally changed the game for me and my managers. This book has positively changed my life. I learned how to approach conflict and have "courageous conversations" to turn conflict into a tool for positive change - personally and professionally."

What works better for you? Positive relationships or negative relationships? Positive retun on investment or negative return on investment? Positive work environments or negative work environments? Positive attitudes or negative attitudes?

Have you ever: Dreaded seeing "that person"? Driven to work with a pit in your stomach? Avoided situations hoping they will get better or miraculously go away? Seem to endure team meetings? Thought you could have handled a personal situation better? Felt ineffective as a manager or leader in conflict situations? Or perhaps you wished you knew how to have that "courageous conversation" that would resolve conflict instead of adding fuel to the fire.

Based on over 20 years of practical, organizational research this invaluable "tool" can show you HOW to practically and significantly reduce conflict or use it as a powerful approach to effect positive change. How would you like to master a proven, practical, simple 8 step appraoch that could increase productivity, reduce negativity and increase morale and engagement?

How would you like to have an approach that gives you the ability to automatically think through the dynamics of a situation, regardless of whether you know you have to address conflict or if you're blindsided by someone? Would you like to be seen as the hero in defusing a conflict? If you can spell the word POSITIVE, you have the tools at your fingertips - so put your cape on, it's time for you to be the brilliant hero in positive conflict resolution.

Far beyond the what or why of conflict, there is finally a book that shows you HOW to resolve conflict - large or small, personal or professional, and gives you a step by step, easy approach for you to assist others to do the same. What have you got to lose...except stress, anger, lost productivity and sour relationships? What have you got to gain? Everything positive.
Learn how to take ANY situation from breakdown to breakthrough with the infinite power of POSITIVE, through "The POSITIVE Approach"