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Calm Through Chaos: How to Build Resilience and Thrive Through Life

by Tracy Busse


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Tracy Busse was living a relatively normal life as mother, wife, and working woman when an unexpected heart event threw her into a storm, turning her calm into chaos... This is her story. How she recovered physically and emotionally and discovered a greater depth of joy and compassion in her daily life. Tracy shares practical skills that are accessible to us all and enable us to live a richer and more vibrant life filled with joy, creativity, compassion and resilience. Life is unpredictable. Rather than being wiped out by the inevitable storms, Calm Through Chaos shows us we can learn to ride the waves of life and thrive with dignity and grace. Author Tracy Busse is a heart patient advocate and a career and transitions coach. She runs Waveform Consulting to assist people to be the best they can be and live a creative and fulfilled life.
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