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William McFadden & The Puzzle Organ ~ 2nd Edition

by B.D. Powell


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William’s life was completely normal, if you consider living in a mansion with 526 rooms as normal. Everything changed after his father went missing. His aunt had lists of rules for him that could wrap around the house. All he wanted was to find his father but looking for him wasn’t allowed. His chance finally came when he was invited to stay with his uncle for a week. There was only one problem. He didn’t know he had an uncle, but that didn’t seem to matter. There are lots of things he didn’t know about until he saw a giant, a ball that freezes things, and a watch that never lets you get lost. For all the things he finds, there is one he wishes he could forget: a deadly puzzle organ. It would have been easy enough to ignore. Only, this puzzle holds something special. If he solves it, he could find his father. At least, that’s what he thinks…
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