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The Shakti Awakening: 24 stories that will heighten your capacity to open spiritually, love deeply and fearlessly and find your purpose

by Pradnya Vernekar,Nilima Amit,Janhavi H. Bhosale,Madhuri Kale,Michelle Mehta,Chloris John Wallani,Snehal Singh,Manjiri Latey,Tanmayi Manjeshwar,Olivia Ananya Zoey,Jyoti Soni,Dr. Jaya Prakash,Dr. Preet Kaur,Simran Arora,Shruti Anoo,Rubina Coelho,Dr. Anitha R,Priyanka Sinha,Adhunika Prakash,Parul Agarwal,Sweta Sureka,Erem Khan,Pooja Shinde,Urmila Shinde,Reena Jabran


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‘Shakti’ or “power, ability, strength, might, effort, energy, capability” is the divine energy which flows through the entire Universe. Shakti is also a personification of the divine feminine power residing in all of us. The Shakti Awakening is a story saga of 24 ordinary women who rose up and showed courage in everyday life redefining feminism. Women, like you and me waking up to their true Shakti and showing what women empowerment is actually about. Each story is a tale of courage to inspire and start a movement across. A movement where all the Shaktis hold hands to unite, help each other rise higher and thereby create a world where the light shines brighter than the darkness.
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