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The Power of Green: The Ripple Effect of Every Dollar You Spend

by Amy O'Brien


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Are you ready to peer behind the curtain to understand where your dollars are really going and become more conscious as a consumer? If so, then this is your guidebook. In it, we delve into our world’s current human, societal, and environmental health and explore ways we all can contribute to positive change. The Power of Green is a collection of information, facts, and personal stories that will lead you through common topics that we, as consumers, deal with on a regular basis. Throughout the book, you will discover: Sadly, the very problems that you most likely want to see resolved in the world may be the exact ones that you are unconsciously supporting with your dollars. If you have felt that you can make more responsible spending choices, now is the time to learn how. Making responsible choices with our money at this time is, in fact, crucial . And the world is ready. Have you ever asked yourself:
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