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The Ultimate Sales Momentum: 18 Sales Lessons Learned From a Billionaire, Millionaires & Successful Entrepreneurs and How Connections Are Made

by Andrew Izumi

ASIN: B0861G14QY

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The Ultimate Sales Momentum was written to give you the necessary skills for creating offers to blow past your competition and improve your sales pitch to blast through sales ceilings. If you are stuck at a certain revenue level, have a competitor who is always nipping at your heels, or are just having trouble getting customers for your high ticket offer—this book has the strategy for you. Learn how to sell better today!

Eighteen experts—a billionaire, millionaires, and mindset rockstars—have shared with us their secret sales strategies and the stories behind how they successfully use them. In this book are the lessons learned from each expert and how you can take positive action now.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Cornerstone Foundations

Kevin Harrington - Long Term Sales

Anthony Powell - Your Numbers Relation to Your Profit

Kevin Steven and Kathy Walls - Strength Finding Kings and Queens

Matthew Pollard - Rapid Growth the Lazy Way

Superior Mindset

Tim Shurr - Your Customer’s Inner Mind

Troy Aberle and Luke Aberle - Transferring Emotion

Christopher Vos - Return on Relationship

Jim Padilla and Cyndi Padilla - Being Truthful to Customers and Yourself

Strategies and Systems

Eric Lofholm - Results by Preparation and Perfection

Ace Reddy - Controlling Your Environment

John Livesay - Better Selling Through Storytelling

Nic Fitzgerald - Humanity is Storytelling

Confident Awareness

Dr. Grace Lee - The Neuroscience of Sales

Amanda Dake - From Scarcity to Serving

Malena Southworth - The Brand Connection

Andrew Izumi - Listen and Serve

Bonus Chapters:
Online and In-Person Tactics

Cody Neer - Connecting and Facilitating [E-Commerce]

Chantelle Cotton - Attention and Retention [Live Events]

Buy this book today and discover how billions of dollars’ worth of sales have been made, and implement the strategies that will help you build sales momentum in business and life.

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