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Five Alive: Revitalize Your Life One Small Change at a Time

by Jane Mudgett


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Five Alive addresses five fundamentals of a long, healthy and gratifying life: Finance, Food, Fitness, Friends, and Fun. Here’s the good news - it’s never too late to make small, incremental changes to your life. Learn how positive nudges ensure greater personal success in this non-judgmental book that combines stories, research, and action to support new behavior and thinking. Have you ever asked, “If we’re such good leaders of others, why don’t we do a better job leading ourselves?” This book gives you the tools you need to lead yourself to better ways to eat, move, spend, relate, and enjoy. "An encouraging collection of evidence-based suggestions that can inspire lots of small but meaningful improvements in daily life." —Joli Jensen, Ph.D., Emerita Professor of Media Studies, University of Tulsa “There comes a time in every life where we realize that absolute focus on any one aspect of our life, no matter how significant, is not a formula for happiness and success. By promoting a balanced approach to living, Jane has extrapolated lessons from her own lived experience as well as her research, that can help today’s busy professional achieve that most elusive goal, human flourishing.” —Wendy Thomas, Leadership Tulsa Join other successful women in discovering how to flourish by paying attention to the five critical elements of happiness and success; spending wisely, eating more nutritiously, moving more, developing a circle of trusting relationships, and finding activities that bring you joy.
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