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A Better Way: God’s Design for Less Stress, More Rest, and Greater Success

by Ryan Haley

ASIN: B086R229LG

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Are you tired of hearing all the promises about the “abundant life”, getting the life sucked out of you in your own efforts to attain it? Are you stressed and wearing yourself out trying to get results in your business? The bad news is that your limited human thinking and abilities will do little to end this vicious cycle. But there’s Good News! In fact, it’s almost “too good to be true” news...

In this book, Ryan Haley uses his remarkable life story and personal experiences to provide a unique and life-giving revelation of God’s unconditional grace. Through powerful testimonies and scriptural illustrations, A Better Way brings to life eternal truths about the truly Good News of the Gospel that will show you how to:

  • Have less stress, but more success in your business and personal life
  • Embrace the liberating cessation of self-effort
  • Transfer your focus and burdens from yourself to Jesus–with much better results
  • Benefit from God’s grace and rest in bottom-line, measurable ways 
  • Experience deeper personal fulfillment and greater professional effectiveness 
  • Live a life that demands a supernatural explanation!

A wealth of practical exercises and resources are included to take you from head knowledge to personally experiencing “where the supernatural meets the practical”.

You can have it your way, or a better way–invest in rest for God’s best! 

"If you’re serious about pursuing success in business, and in life, but you want to follow biblical principles and do it the Lord’s this book." 
-Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Winning NFL Coach, New York Times Bestselling Author

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