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Sometimes I Laugh So Hard That Tears Run Down My Legs!: The only book you will ever need to understand, treat and eliminate stress incontinence forever!

by Nicole Eisenbrown

ASIN: B088G1BH99

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HAVING A WEAK BLADDER and being unable to control when you urinate is no laughing matter. You may feel terribly alone as you cope with incontinence— wearing dark clothing or carefully planning how far you travel from home. But know this, you are not alone. Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown has treated thousands of women like you who are looking for solutions and help. This book will provide the answers you need and put you on a path towards taking control of your health. You’ll find detailed information about the different causes and types of urinary incontinence and discover that effective treatment options do exist. For those of you who are hesitant or afraid to seek treatment, the hope is that what you read here will encourage you to make an appointment and get yourself checked out. It will be the beginning of a whole new you.
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