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Beyond The Credentials.!?

by Evans Kwesi Mensah


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Have you ever asked yourself why are we taught to pursue higher education, get a degree, and work for a big institution? If you think about it, we mostly end up working for college dropouts, (which isn't bad,) despite our numerous degrees. While we are educated, we are sometimes not adequately trained to be innovative and creative, nor are we taught the non-classroom ways, arguably, leading to fulfillment. While credentials, titles, academic accolades, and achievements are essential, that isn’t the only ‘go-to’ factor that leads to human fulfillment. In the pursuit of credentials, we tend to forget about balancing life with those pursuits—which can lead to a successful but unfulfilling life. Beyond the Credentials was inspired by many years of experience—a combination of typical daily living, corporate work, field consulting on business development, strategy, and general life experiences. Etiquettes must be employed to complete the equation. This book, therefore, provides real-life, practical lessons and closes the gap between classroom education and what the industry truly needs, such as the right leaders for the right institutions, how to close sales and negotiations, sign those contracts, and how to relate to one another to get out of the myth that anyone who may not sound or look like you is not as intelligent as you think—what I describe as a ‘wake up’ call. It is a message that is crafted to transform your mind, reset your thinking, and position you for professional and personal success.
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