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Love, Laughter, and Nature: A Book of Poetry

by Mary E. Fisher


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Mary E. Fisher has been fascinated by words for as long as she can remember. So much so that a few years ago she decided that she wanted to learn every word in the dictionary. She wanted to learn spelling, enunciation, and correct usage. Unfortunately, other demands and obligations required more of my time so that pursuit was postponed before she progressed very far.In high school, she was asked to tutor some of her classmates as well as students in higher grades, wherever they had weakness, during her study periods.Several years ago she was honored to be chosen one of the nominees as Poet Laureate of the State of Florida, however, she was not selected.She has written and directed multiple short plays which were very well addition, she wrote the lyrics of several songs, two of which were recorded and aired on many radio stations.With that, we bring you this beautiful book of poetry, depicting love, laughter, and nature. We hope you will enjoy the beauty of the words and share this delightful work with others.
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