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Expert Profiles Volume 11: Conversations with Influencers & Innovators

by Authority Media Publishing,LaWanna Bradford Shemeka Jones


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Conversations with Influencers & Innovators

Featuring Conversations with:

  • Linda Barnicott – Painter of Memories
  • Alexis Jane – Shift Your Mindset to Attract All That You Desire
  • Gail Dixon – Finding Your Heart’s Voice
  • LaWanna Bradford – Strategic Planning for Your Success
  • Jason Gardner – Barks & Berries: A Love Story
  • Donna Singer – The Art of Jazz
  • Claire E. Jones – How Implementing Systems Improves Productivity and Profitability for Small Business Owners
  • Lindsay Andreotti – How To Feel Empowered To Create A Life You Love
  • Denise Miller – How To Improve Communication Strategies For Personal and Business Growth
  • Paula Jean Ferri – A Leading Voice for Millennials With Tourette’s
  • Joe Grushkin – Thinking Big with The National Association of Local Businesses
  • Jerry Kezhaya – How to Out-Market and Out-Sell Your Competition: In Good Times and Bad
  • Mike Stewart – Embracing Change to Survive and Thrive in a Changing Business World

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