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SECRETS OF AGING WELL: GET OUTSIDE: The Fitness You Can't Get in a Gym - Be Healthier, Recharge Your Brain, Prevent Burnout, Find More Joy, and Maybe Live to be 100

by Martin Pazzani


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Discover the SECRETS OF AGING WELL Join the ranks of active agers. Get the kind of fitness you cannot find in a gym. The kind of fitness that builds a stronger body, a sharper brain and improves every part of your life. Fitness executive and mountaineer Martin Pazzani has taken 100,000,000 uphill steps on seven continents over fifty years. On this journey, he founded a think tank based on the latest findings in exercise, movement, and neuroscience and discovered that walking up hills – hiking – might just be the Fountain of Youth and the pathway to a much longer, happier, and healthier life. Looking for a life-changing way to stay fit, healthy, and active well into your 80s, 90s, and beyond? Want to take charge of the way you age while enjoying a passion that energizes your body, brain, and spirit? Inside Secrets of Aging Well: Get Outside , you’ll discover ways to: Get outside and experience the joy of hiking. More at Facebook Instagram
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