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Life is a Series of Unexpected Interruptions: The Untold Real-Life Story of How One Bad Decision Destroyed a Multimillionaire's Life and His Road Back to God, Faith, and Love

by Clark East


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#1 International Bestseller in FOUR categories in two countries, including Shopping & Commerce Reference, Christian Biographies, and Inspirational Personal Testimonies and Ethics & Professional Responsibility in CA. #1 Hot New Release in TWENTY-ONE Categories in USA, CA & AU.

Read Clark East’s journey, the untold real-life story of how one bad decision destroyed his multimillionaire lifestyle. This is his story of the road back to god, faith, and love. His poor choices ultimately guided him to discover what is truly important in life. 

Our mistakes do not define us. Learning from them and changing our decisions and actions are what define us. Choices in his past were all based on fear. Fear led Clark to the emotional and irrational decisions he made every time he had a challenge or a difficulty.

As you read about his journey, his unexpected interruptions, know that no matter your mistakes or what seems to be failures, are just little interruptions that may just lead you to where you need to be. You need not fear them or any other obstacle in your life. You are, however, encouraged to learn and grow.

What has enabled you to be the person you are meant to be — the person God wants you to be? 

What unexpected interruption changed your life?

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