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Perfectly Imperfect: Compassionate Strategies to Cultivate a Positive Body Image

by Amy Harman LMFT CEDS


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Proven tools for a self-love approach to body image In an age filled with polished images of models and celebrities, feeling happy and at home in your own body can be difficult. Perfectly Imperfect is your compassionate guide to developing a positive body image. It features practical, evidence-based strategies to help you transform any negative self-perceptions and heal your relationship with your body. Explore affirmations and exercises for letting go of harmful thoughts about body image, ways to improve your social environment, and tips for embracing yourself as you are. When you believe that you are worthy, regardless of what your body looks like, your self-esteem will increase. Perfectly Imperfect features: Dive into the factors surrounding body image and find compassionate strategies to cultivate a more positive view of yourself.
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