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Mystic and Boysen Visit the Reindeer Stables

by Kimberly Griffiths,Lydia Wharton


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The adventures of Mystic and Boysen continue in this second book of the series.In this delightful story, Mystic and Boysen, a girl and her dinosaur brother, are vacationing in the woods and making regular visits to the reindeer stables in the meadow below.Can you guess the wonderful surprise that is in store for these two characters one special night? Mystic and Boysen make an amazing new friend and learn a valuable lesson about goodness in this excellent Christmas book!Share the sweet story of a girl, her dinosaur, the reindeer they meet, and a special surprise guest, with all the happy readers in your life. Readers learn a lesson that is important at Christmas, as well as every other day of the year.
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