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Eat to Your Advantage: How to Make Real-World Food Choices That Defend Your Body and Brain

by Kirsten Serrano,V. Capaldi


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To be healthy, you must eat healthy food. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, the sea of marketing messages and gimmicks at the grocery store can easily confuse even the most nutrition-focused among us. Logos with images of farms and labels with “all-natural” lead us to believe that we’re making healthy choices when, in fact, that is often not true. It’s time to pull back the curtain on our food supply to discover what’s happening in agriculture, food production, and food service that is an assault on your health. Learn how Along the way, you’ll learn that true health is less about the food you refuse and more about the food you choose. Author Kirsten Serrano uncovered this truth herself when struggling physically with a myriad of health issues that stole her quality of life. Working with healthcare professionals, she found a holistic recovery process through food. As a result, Kirsten has spent the last decade deep in the food supply chain as an organic farmer, restaurateur and chef, and nutrition consultant. She wrote this book to give you the keys to unlock the doors to a better brain, a more resilient body, and better living. You can rely on this book to help you find real world ways to truly Eat to Your Advantage .
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