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by ZEESHAN NADAF,Saurabh Jayakumar Gandhi


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Reasons why this book is great for becoming a entrepreneur1. If you want motivation 2. If you don't know from where to start 3. If you don't know how to startIn this book, you will learn how successful entrepreneurs deal and how they do their job. How can you do it. How they think and what their strategies are. And they think the same thing as you. They thought they were stupid, or indifferent, or old. They do it, they reap a reward. And you can too. Only will and skills are needed. If there is one thing this book should teach you, that is the only thing that keeps you from achieving a lifelong entrepreneurship career and the joy of life is you.Entrepreneurship is always a new idea in terms of how to improve, what it takes to run a business, how to benefit a specific person etc. It is important to understand how business is defined. While some of the qualities and skills are considered successful entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur has to perform certain tasks to build the business. There are advantages and disadvantages involved in choosing a business model. There are many myths and fears that keep people from going about business. In this case, in this book, we will look at how entrepreneurship affects the community and your ability to make a difference in a set of ideas and a set of skills.
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