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by Dixon Troyer


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A NOVELLordiah knows the real truth about the history of Earth from the origin of the moon, Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, the birth of Christ, and the first moon landing. Why? Because he was responsible for most of it. In this novel, you will learn the true history of Earth, from the time when he first came from planet Heofon to mine gold on earth 4,061 years ago. The last time Luna saw her father, she was 5 years old when he mysteriously disappeared. She grew up in foster homes, learning unique skill sets of survival. Twenty-some years later, while burglarizing a home, she accidentally reunites with him in an awkward reunion.Will Lordiah tell Luna the truth of who she truly is… Will he be able to stop the people he came here with him from taking the moon ship back to Heofon, thus destroying all he has created.
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