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Mermaid Eclipse

by N E Carlisle


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"So why did you say 'The Little Mermaid' was tragic?"

My dad put his arm around me. "In the original story she dies. She doesn't get the prince."

In this modern mermaid fantasy, a young teen uncovers the shocking secret behind her aunt's death and her mother's disabled legs.

Two years after her aunt's mysterious boating accident, Muriel Lutey is still witnessing the damage left behind. Her father is obsessed with recreating 'the good times' with a family RV trip, while her beautiful cousin Brooke wants to avoid the subject of her mother altogether.

Just when Muriel thinks the family's mental state can't get any worse, her disabled mother disappears and a family secret reveals itself: Muriel's family roots run under the water.

Together, Muriel and her surfer twin brother Morgan must set out to save their mother from dark forces in the sea. But when certain family members seem to hold back, they must find out who is truly to blame for the disappearances.

Filled with humor, heart, and mythical creatures, this captivating young adult novel offers a modern, fresh take on the classic mermaid fairy tale.

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