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All Women Rock

by Barbara Berg,Virginia Earl,Diana Halfman,Olympia Hostler,Nadine LaJoie,Lori Raupe,Violet Williams,Sharron Stroud,Joan E. Wakeland

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The “All Women Rock” Tradition Having always been a customer service type of guy, transitioning from a small town in Louisiana to a big state like California was a shocker for me.  The big city life of the Los Angeles area was so different from that life I had already experienced.  I had no choice but to take it by the reigns and learn a new way of doing business. After 30 years of living here, I would not trade the experience for anything else.  It has been enriching in so many ways to my success.  The greatest opportunity that I created was to start a platform of “All Women Rock Conference.”   This conference started October 14, 2018.  At that time there were 55 successful women business leaders who received awards from my company.  Their awards were presented for their great business ethics, humanitarianism, and community involvement.  This began a tradition and incredible space to honor women from all walks of life who had achieved success in many categories.  To say the least, it was life changing for many. The All Women Rock Platform is for the celebration of women.  They are recognized and awarded for their efforts.  It is an opportunity for women to also honor other women as nominations are part of the selection process.  As we have moved forward in time, we were thrilled to present the “All Women Rock Conference, 2019” in Costa Mesa, California at the country club there.   Continuing this tradition brings opportunities nationally for women to be recognized as we celebrate “All Women Rock 2020”.
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