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7 Steps to a 7-Figure Business: Your 90-Day Plan to Build the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams

by Eniko Marian


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How do you build the business of your dreams? What if the secret to business success was seven simple actions that you could build into your daily routine? What if you only needed to repeat those seven simple actions consistently for a period of 90 days? And what if those seven simple actions could be taken in those parts of the day when you’re unproductive? While you wait for the kids, while you prepare dinner, between meetings, or at any of the many moments of downtime we all have… In this book, Eniko Marian—founder of EMRO Quantum—shares the habits she learned over the course of twenty years as she went from $70-a-month nurse in a former Communist country in Eastern Europe to leader of a multi-million dollar global network marketing company. So many entrepreneurs struggle for years to build their business, then give up just on the threshold of success. They give up on their dreams, and they give up on themselves. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. Commit now to spending the next 90 days implementing these Seven Steps, and lay the foundations for a lasting, profitable, and life-changing business.
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