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Softening the Edge: Empathy: How humanity's oldest leadership trait is changing our world

by Mimi Nicklin


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Empathetic influence is this decade's most critical human and scientifically validated skillset. The ability to connect authentically as people has the power to not only change our business environments, but to change the shape of our world. This insightful book will undoubtedly inspire and challenge you in equal measure. It will show you how to successfully harness your emotional intelligence to influence and genuinely connect with people on a deeper level. Softening the Edge will help you to future-proof and evolve the way you do business. AUTHORMimi Nicklin is an author and the host of the popular Empathy for Breakfast show and Secrets of the Gap podcast. She is an experienced marketer and creative strategist, and is a well-known empathetic leader. For over fifteen years she has been working across the globe with her clients to drive stand out strategic interventions that lead to business and culture change. She is also a keynote speaker, columnist and a yoga therapist.
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