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Cereal Dad Preneur: Put Your Family First While You Build An Empire And Create Wealth

by Matt Smith


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“Cereal Dad Preneur is a MUST read. For anyone trying to do it all in business and not having to compromise your role as a parent and spouse, you have to read this book. Matt Smith is seriously a unique and profound individual who has miraculously codified how to balance life, as best as a person can." GRANT CARDONE Whether you’re a Dad or a Mom, whether you’re rocking the ‘parent’ part of your life and feel your vision for that radical idea or revolutionary business is on the back burner, or you’re a rock star in the business arena, at the top of your game and you know your relationships pay the price … this book is for you. Cereal Dad Preneur provides a road map and a practical guide to achieve success in all areas of your life. FAMILY FIRST has always been Matt’s motto, and you will discover that FAMILY FIRST doesn’t have to come at the expense of pursuing your ambitions and passions of being wildly successful in business at the same time. You CAN have it all and feel good about yourself and your achievements. You will be propelled along the learning curve to a place light-years ahead of where you are now, by helping you benefit from his life experiences while bypassing some of the challenges? When you study and implement the tools and techniques provided, you will develop the systems you need to succeed in any industry, allowing you to work smarter. It will change your life for the better. "You have to read Cereal Dad Preneur! I am neither a Dad nor an entrepreneur but the info in this book is for anyone wanting to advance in life. It benefited me and helped guide me to better my life choices in more ways than one. From improving mindset and work ethic to enjoying family life even more. 100% recommend this book to everyone."  ~ Isaiah Gonzales "This book is a great source of inspiration that will tell the story of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and family man."    ~ Leanne Vezanni "Everyone wants to know how Matt Smith does it. He reveals all of his secrets in this book to win. It’s a must read for any person that has a passion for life. " ~ Jenny "If you want to understand the importance of succeeding in BUSINESS and, more importantly, in LIFE, read this book!!!!"  ~ Chris Turner "Matt packages his own guide to help both men and women reach for more in business, balance, and life, but written from the perspective of a friend." ~ Adam Sanchez “Matt’s ability to win in business without sacrificing what matters most inspires me. Consider this book your game plan for building a legacy that will be felt for generations.” ~ Joseph BlairFather , NBA Coach,  Philanthropist “Building a successful business takes courage & insight. Building 10 successful businesses and a loving family like Matt has requires unshakable confidence & proven systems. Matt generously shares his system for scaling a life full of meaning and purpose in this book. Consume this content, channel your inner Cereal Dad Preneur & create the wealth you desire.” ~ Stephen Grear Father, Founder of Reshoevn8r,  Investor “Matt walks his walk and does it with a deep level of kindness and generosity. He is a powerhouse who makes everyone around him better. The world needs more Matt Smith's." ~ George Carroll Father, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Business Strategist for Tony Robbins
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