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The Cycle Of Fulfillment: 5 Simple Goals To Achieve Real Success

by Rizwan Shuja,Imran S. Khawaja MD


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What Can You Get from The Cycle of Fulfillment? The Cycle of Fulfillment offers a unique perspective on what real success is. The authors suggest that one should focus on achieving mental and emotional fulfillment as a primary goal in life. However, the authors suggest that going after "mental and emotional fulfillment" is the primary goal, but ensuring that achieving four other goals in life will supplement one's primary goal. You will learn how these five goals ( mental and emotional fulfillment, physical health, excellent relationships, excellence in business and career, and financial wealth) are inter-related. And how they ultimately strengthen one's ability to have mental and emotional well-being, thus completing the Cycle of Fulfillment. The book is packed with wisdom from other authors. There are exercises and advice that will show you a blueprint of getting to a state of mental and emotional fulfillment and let go of the negative emotions in life. Rizwan Shuja and Dr. Imran Khawaja are the authors of the Cycle of Fulfillment. This non-fiction self-help book offers a fresh perspective on how to achieve "real success." This book is about what success is? Our goal and passion are to make a difference in people's lives by creating an awareness that mental/ emotional fulfillment is the real success in life. If we can control our negative emotions like hate, jealousy, anger, resentment, etc., it will help us improve our other goals like health/fitness, relationships with people and God, our focus and productivity, and career and finances. Cultivating positive emotions will raise our consciousness level from ego consciousness to spiritual consciousness. When people move towards spiritual consciousness as an individual or as a nation, our values, morals, and ethics improve.
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