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Who Stole My Body?: The Right Way to Lose Weight - The Five Secrets to Getting Healthy and Staying Fit

by Michael Romig

ASIN: B08HPB3789

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It’s Not Your Fault… But It Is Your Problem.If you think losing weight is simple and easy… think again. There is a right way and a wrong way to lose weight. Learn how to lose weight and body fat the right way and keep it off for good.Inside this book, you’ll discover:· Why people lose weight the wrong way and how to avoid it· The five secrets to getting healthy and staying fit· Why all diets fail and how to eat to stabilize your blood sugar and burn fat· The four nutrition rules to live by and an easy to follow meal plan without dieting or starving yourself· How to structure a cardio program to mobilize fat without spinning your wheels for hours in the gym· What supplements are right for you and how they can help turbocharge your results· The #1 secret to working out and how to turn your body into a fat burning machine by building precious muscle· What exercises are appropriate for you and where to start with a weight training program· How to hold yourself accountable and develop the right habits and lifestyle changes· Why you will never truly reach your health and fitness goals until you help others do the sameReady to lose weight the right way? Keep reading to discover how!
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