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Rebel Success for Leaders: Lead, Grow and Sell Fearlessly

by Charlotte Allen


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How to Lead, Grow, and Sell Fearlessly with Rebel Success!
“Those who push boundaries are certainly those who lead the leaders. And this HOW is as unique as the points of a snowflake, no two ever being exactly alike.”
--Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur

Imagine you’re winning in the market, your vibrant team is excited and motivated to bring you their unique ideas, and you’re attracting and keeping the best people.
In this book, you’ll discover how to:
Create an unstoppable innovation system
Build agile and transparent teams
Increase retention and engagement
Increase your team’s influence and confidence with sales
Create solutions-oriented teams who get results fast
Develop differentiated products and services
Harness the power of the unconventional to achieve exceptional results. A powerful book that gives you the keys to unlock the Inner Rebel. Bring out the genius solutions in your team, your organization, and even yourself.
The tools will fast-track your teams to transparent and agile performance as they excel at creating those new and differentiated ideas. Overcome the common challenges with innovation and create a blueprint to market that works for your company.
You’ll find the secrets to be a magnet for truly extraordinary people and how to retain the best and brightest. Connecting the company mission to the passions of your people will bring out an unstoppable sense of value in each person.
Align culture, activate creativity, and cultivate genius. Business owners and leaders can use Rebel Success for Leaders as a guide to exceptional results. Your team will fearlessly lead you to success!
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