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Fields of Daisies: Leading to A Victorious Life

by Gertrude Garrow


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Gertrude Garrow, the acclaimed author of the #1 International Bestseller, Stones Cry Out, Fulfilling Bible Prophecy, has penned her captivating sequel, Fields of Daisies, Leading to a Victorious Life. In this absorbing and compelling book, Gertrude shows how courage, faith, and resilience played out in helping her overcome extreme challenges. Battling despair and virtual destitution, she fought the odds, and through a miraculous set of circumstance was invited to live in royal palaces with princes and princesses as her companions. Her inspiring journey will have you amazed and engrossed right from the first chapter. In Fields of Daisies, Gertrude explains how she found her strength by embracing the Christian faith. She affirms that her true point of victory was coming to understand the difference between ‘religion’ and ‘relationship’. That is to say, performing a series of rituals to reach God, rather than talking directly to God and hearing his voice. The foundational truths of her faith are clearly defined and these are illustrated with accounts of the remarkable miracles she experienced. Fields of Daisies will leave the reader encouraged and enabled to find and live a truly victorious life.
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