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How to Pivot with Covid: 10 Powerful Strategies to Ethically Capitalize Master Your Mindset, Gain Clarity/Certainty, Thrive & Prosper, During & After COVID-19

by Andy Broadaway


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Throughout your life, we will encounter many phases, many people, many jobs, and many changes. Those changes either come from within or when someone else makes a decision that causes us to make a decision about how we will or will not adjust. More often than not, in those situations, we often feel we don't have a choice. Covid-19 is a time that everyone has and will Pivot.

But, as we will discover, we do make the decision to pivot. Either we take the job, or we decide we don't want to uproot the family, so we keep up the job hunt. You're here because you're ready for a change, but you're not quite sure how to commit to a new life. "Pivot" shouldn't be a scary word, and change shouldn't be a foreign concept.

Why? Because it's in our nature to change regularly—we just don't realize it.

So, if you're contemplating a significant change in your life or you just made one, you're in the right place. We all have varying levels of comfort with change, and most of us are pretty reluctant to embrace it. Does that sound like you? If so, it's totally understandable.In this book, you will open your eyes to the concept of change. I won't change your mind or teach you; I'll simply give you tools to ethically capitalize Covid. You will discover the multitude of benefits that come along with a life pivot. So, get ready for a new perspective—changing times are upon us!

So, if you're tired of hoping for a new way? Or keeping your fingers crossed that everything is going to stay the same? Our economy now demands that we create businesses and careers based on creativity, growth, and impact. In this dynamic world of work, the only move that matters is your next one.

How to Pivot with Covid: You the reader better understand the concept of change and empowers them to more effectively handle change in their own life.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • What principles lead to change?
  • What advantages of realizing change?
  • Why specifically skilled in effectively handling external changes in their environment?
  • Why should we embrace change?

You are capable of change at any time, regardless of external circumstances. Don’t let your current situation keep you from achieving more! A sustainable future needs us to envision it, and it needs us to make it happen. It’s time to make the Great Pivot.

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