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Cassidy and the Mixed Up Numbers: The Unseen Disability Dyscalculia

by Dezi Shepperd


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Cassidy and the Mixed Up Numbers, details the first few days of Cassidy’s experience at school. It’s Cassidy’s first day at a new school and she is a little nervous. Will she be able to keep up with her classmates or will her learning disability Dyscalculia get in her way? Follow her first few days as she finds her confidence and voice in kindergarten. Watch as she overcomes her doubts and learns to count like the rest of the children in her class! More than 26% of the population is affected by the learning disability Dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a learning disability in math that affects one's ability to perform math related facts. Individuals who have Dyscalculia have difficulties with computations and mathematical reasoning. People with Dyscalculia have a difficult time doing the following: * Understanding or remembering mathematical concepts such as fractions, carrying, and borrowing. *  Difficulty performing the order of operation when learning math processes. * Remembering the steps in a math process and learning the sequence in multiplication and division problems. Cassidy and the Mixed Up Numbers features, beautifully colored illustrations that will capture any child’s imagination and attention. It makes use of color to aid teaching children to count from 1-10. The story teaches children compassion for people whose learning process differs from theirs as well as teaching confidence to students.
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