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The Drive Thru Method of Manifesting: The 6-Step Formula to Get Anything You Want

by Kelly Kaye Walker


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Kelly Kaye Walker is an international speaker who was searching for a way to teach manifesting in a way that every person in the room would easily understand. When she realized one day that her manifesting process was nearly identical to ordering lunch at a drive-thru window, her Drive-Thru Method of Manifesting was born. Finally she had a reference that every person could relate to - because everyone has been through a drive-thru for food. What is manifesting? It's the process by which you bring into your life a person, thing, situation or experience through focusing significant mental and emotional energy on it over a period of time. Everyone does it every day, but most people do it without realizing. In this book, Kelly walks you through the formula, shows you how to apply it to your goals, and gives several strategies for helping you manifest more effectively. She shares many stories of her own adventures in manifesting along the way as she learned to stop doing it on accident which usually caused her to manifest her fears and worries.  Learning to manifest on purpose has completely changed her life, and it can change yours, too.
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