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The Influence With A Heart Method: How To Position Yourself As An Expert, Authority, or Thought Leader by Writing Your Book So You Can Do More Good For More People With Your Business

by Ben Gioia


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Writing your book is one of the best ways to get more business. Shockingly, it's not difficult and doesn't need to take a long time! It's one of the most reliable ways to get the right clients while making you recession-proof, virus-proof, and downsizing-proof. So whether you're a consultant, a coach, or speaker, THE INFLUENCE WITH A HEART METHOD will transform your life.

Author Ben Gioia proves it. He wrote his second book in five weeks which turned into more than a quarter of a million dollars (of EXTRA income) within the first three years of publishing. Not only that, he used his book to get a coveted, multi-day speaking gig at Stanford University before his book was even published!

Ben understands that the world has changed and people want something different: to live authentically and do work that's aligned with who they are. That means that getting the word out about your business-is key to making a bigger difference. And your book is a powerful way to market your business.

It all started when Ben faced death (four times in 72 hours) on a hike in India. From that point, he knew he had to live and work aligned with his purpose!

So this book (his third) is overflowing with simple principles and strategies that help you attract more of the right clients, speaking, and coaching (with your own book).

"At 9pm last night my book hit #1. Thank you for your supreme guidance and expertise in starting this book."
-CRISTINA DIGIACOMO, M. S, Author: Wise Up! At Work

Who says you can't write a book because it's hard and you're too busy?

Ben shows you how to do it in an easy and doable way to position yourself as an authentic thought leader and connect to the right audience.

It's easy to read, clear and direct, and definitely worth a re-read.

"I wouldn't have written my book without Ben's help. By the end of the first coaching call I was no longer staring at a blank page!"
-JESSE ALI, Founder at

When people talk about the myriad ways that THE INFLUENCE WITH A HEART METHOD has helped them, the top 37 benefits include outcomes like:
1 connection and relationships
2 do more good for more people with your business
3 effective communication
4 email campaign
5 ethical marketing
6 getting a website done
7 getting more clients
8 getting people to buy
9 getting the word out
10 grow your business

"It was a no-brainer to say YES! I am delighted to be on board and write the book that's just been WAITING to be written."
-CHRISTINE POWERS, Founder and CEO at Philosophers Camp

11 help me with my business
12 help with internet marketing
13 how to find my target audience
14 how to market myself
15 how to market yourself
16 how to reach my audience
17 how to sell services
18 internet marketing for small business
19 managing my time
20 market your business online

"Thank you to Ben Gioia for the exceptional guidance and service you are giving our cohort as part of your Write Your Book in 5 Weeks Course. We are all having daily epiphanies!"
-MIRIAM (MIZ) FEILER, Networking Queen

21 marketing for small business
22 marketing ideas for small businesses
23 marketing with a heart
24 marketing your business
25 marketing your company
26 packaging myself
27 productivity
28 promote your business
29 selling my stuff online
30 small business internet marketing

"Never realized that I could whip up my book so quickly! I feel like the end is in sight!"

31 start your own online business
32 starting your own online business
33 thought leadership
34 ways earn money
35 ways to get clients
36 ways to get money
37 ways to get more business

May this book support you in expressing yourself and making a bigger difference in the world!

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