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Build Wealth Like a Shark

by Scott Keffer


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IMAGINE… premiering a television show about investing on the heels of the 2007-2008 “Great Recession.”

On August 9, 2009, ABC launched the Shark Tank series with a cast of successful entrepreneur “investors” who would decide to invest their own money after listening to proposals by start-up and existing businesses.

For 175 episodes, Kevin Harrington, the creator of the infomercial and pioneer of the As
Seen On TV brand, sat in the chair later occupied by Mark Cuban.

According to CNBC, Shark Tank has invested $100 million in projects, created 10,000 jobs, and won multiple Emmy® Awards.
Inside you will discover tips and insights from Kevin, who has grown 20 companies to over $100 million in revenue each, and other authorities across the United States and Canada on how to Build Wealth Like A Shark.

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