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Untie Every kNOT: Discover What kNOTS Are Causing You to Miss Out, Chicken Out or Be Counted Out!

by Tammy Tiller-Hewitt


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While deciding to buy this book, let me share a thought about kNOTS. By kNOTS I mean little k, big NOTS. Those big kNOTS that hold you back from going after something you really want. Instead, you listen to that voice saying, “Oh I could-kNOT do that.” “I would-kNOT ever be able to achieve that.” Or maybe you think “I’m just kNOT qualified to go for that.” Sound familiar? Shortly after tying those kNOTS come the kNOTS called regret. “I shoulda. I coulda. If only I woulda”. We all have kNOTS, what are yours? How do they hold you back? What are they stopping you from achieving? Invest in yourself and read this book. I promise somewhere in this book, you will recognize yourself or someone you love. And you will learn how to Untie Every kNOT.
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