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Age My Ass: Your Great Transition into the Greater Half of Your Life

by Ken Dabrow


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Well, one does exist, and he just may be the only one at that age, with crystal clear memory, to write over 350 pages of the most hard-hitting, original, and totally believable self-help books ever conceived, for the 40 to 60-year-old American man pursuing a more positive and productive second half of life. AND THAT 90-YEAR-OLD EPITOME OF POSITIVITY IS KEN DAB-ROW! KEN IS A LIVING, BREATHING FORCE OF NATURE. HE HAS COMPOSED ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRING SELF-HELP THESIS EVER WRITTEN. BELIEVE ME, YOU WILL FEEL HIS ENERGY, PASSION, AND PURPOSE, ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THIS MOTIVATIONAL MASTERPIECE. With a positive attitude and a real infectious love of life, Ken Dab-Row has inspired thousands worldwide including some of America's most successful business leaders. Ken Dab-Row says: “I'm talking to every man in America over 40 ... are you listening? The aging process is not your enemy! It can be and should be your ally for this the second half of the most important part of your life. If you are that 40 to 60-year-old Man-In-The-Middle, Your Personal Positive Powers are on every page of this book. If only one paragraph of any page in this book elevates and strengthens your honest opinion about who you are and fortifies your confidence and belief in yourself ... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” Ken Dab-Row
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