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Date to Find Your Soulmate: How to Get the Man of Your Dreams Through Strategic and Successful Dating Techniques

by Rachel Scheer


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Do you think dating sucks? Have you been searching for the man of your dreams with no luck? Women everywhere are struggling to find the right partners, and it's a lot more complicated in today's world. Online dating has replaced in-person chance meetings, and proper communication has disappeared. Are there any decent men left to date? You might have given up hope on finding your soulmate and feel that you'd rather curl up on the couch to Netflix and chill by yourself. Or you fear that you'll end up as a "crazy cat lady" and die sad and alone. You watch all your friends get married while you remain single. You start to wonder if you are the problem, not every guy you meet. The struggle is real. Dating is hard. It's exhausting going on date after date with no success. The author of this book has experienced twenty-five years of heartbreak, rejection, and misery. She understands the difficulty of dating. She openly shares her mistakes to save you years of disappointment in your love life. Once she followed her own advice, she found a clear path to her own dream guy. This relationship coach's dating adventures are intertwined with her applicable lessons. Her helpful dating techniques and relatable stories will lead you into the arms of your perfect partner. If you are frustrated with all the dating methods you've tried and want to change your approach, this book is for you. Rachel's no-nonsense guide is a must-have for any woman who desperately wants to find and attract the right guy. Watch your life go from empty and lonely to one that's full of love, laughter, and fulfillment... as you wake up each morning next to a gorgeous man who is your soulmate!
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