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Horseshoes vs. Chess: A Practical Guide for Chamber of Commerce Leaders

by Dave Adkisson


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Managing a chamber of commerce and providing leadership in a community have never been more challenging. Navigating complexity is certainly more than showing up at a picnic and tossing a horseshoe, hoping to get a ringer.  It takes intelligence, strategy, and focus to win prosperity. In Horseshoes vs. Chess , veteran chamber executive and former mayor Dave Adkisson shares the insights he gained from more than 40 years observing chambers of commerce – as a CEO of three very different chambers (a small city chamber, a metro chamber, and a state chamber), as a two-term mayor of his hometown, as a former assistant to a U.S. Senator, and as a chamber leader on the national level. Horseshoes vs. Chess offers the lessons Adkisson wishes he had known when he started. He explores four distinct aspects of living in “Chamber World:” With compelling stories of victories as well as disappointments, Adkisson celebrates the incredible opportunity chamber leaders have to help their chambers and communities navigate modern challenges and gain greater prosperity.
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