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The Overcomers

by JL McKay


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Unlike any other of the Christian suspense and mystery books, you've read before...JL McKay brings a new twist to suspenseful thriller books.

A university professor is assassinated in his Tel Aviv office. A young woman is gunned down in a Fort Worth cow pasture. Each wore a pendant of polished white stone veined with red: the emblem of an Overcomer. A coincidence? Or is someone marking the Overcomers team for death?

The Overcomers Task Force (OTF) is a highly trained anti-terrorism squad with a unique specialty: they exercise spiritual gifts and hear from God in an official capacity as counterintelligence operatives. When a global conspiracy threatens the Middle East, the OTF goes into action, drawing investigative journalist Ma’ayan Bracha into the covert op where she witnesses supernatural powers she’s only read about in the ancient Scriptures of Israel.

If she can learn to trust the One she cannot see, Ma’ayan will discover that her destiny lies with the Overcomers.

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