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The Art of Connection: 365 Days of Networking Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Influencers

by Robert Jones,Becky Norwood


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Why this book and why now?

We have lived through one of the most uncertain and challenging times of our lifetime. Has there been any year like the year 2020?  What was once the year that was going to provide clarity for most of us, as business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers, turned into a series of pivots, hard choices, and adaptations.

With that said, for many of us, we were able to overcome these uncertainties, obstacles, and challenges and turn to new ways of getting business done. We found new ways to be seen, stay heard and remain viable in what is turning into a very new economy. From the way that we “do” business, to the technologies that we use, to the way that we provide services, everything has changed.

Not all of us have found the road an easy one, and that is where this book comes in. This book was created to remind those entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers who may have taken some missteps, who have worked just as hard, who have learned just as much, but have not been able to overcome some of the pain... that there is hope.

This book is about being a part of a community, both local and global, not being apart from community. THIS IS a community that offers, support, hope, and inspiration for those entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers who may have had a heavier burden of misfortune. Because at the end of the day, we all live, for one thing, the belief that we were created to serve others.

The contributing authors in this book have the belief that entrepreneurs and business owners are the backbone of a healthy economy and it is our goal to support other entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers during these uncertain times with the gift of heartfelt connection. And, with the knowledge that NO one is alone.

So open up this book, from any page and start reading. 

Reflect and write, then be prepared to be touched by people just like you, who have their hearts, experience, and wisdom.

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