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Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time

by Robin Golinski,Dr. Dennis Becker


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Communication is the primary tool that manipulators use to impact and control the momentum of the moment. We have identified the 24 most commonly used manipulation tactics and the specific techniques to use as the manipulation occurs, giving you the power to both protect yourself and take control in real-time.

Although there are many books written about the psychology of the manipulator and damage they can do, this book is different because it addresses how manipulation occurs in real-time through communication - enabling the reader (you) to have awareness in the moment. In addition to being aware, you must know what to say/do!

The authors of this book are passionate about empowering the reader with specific techniques they can use to thwart manipulation while it’s taking place. Whether the manipulator is a relative, co-worker, stranger, or friend, the manipulation always occurs through communication. 

The manipulator adeptly and discreetly controls the momentum of the moment, so that their target (you) doesn’t even realize that it’s happened until damage has been done. 

An additional component of this book is hearing the personal story of a real manipulator. This is a very rare view into an admitted manipulator's mind and actions and what that led to.

You will also meet a target whose life included two manipulators and how escape has been possible.

This book will help every human who wants to prevent their free will from being appropriated by a manipulator and live a much happier, stress-free life!

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